Chicago Cubs Rooftop Tickets Discount!

Chicago Cubs Rooftop Tickets DiscountChicago Cubs Rooftop Tickets Discount!

If you are a Chicagoan, there are strict rules about which baseball team you are allowed to root for. If you are a Northsider, you’re a Chicago Cubs fan. If you’re a Southsider, you’re a Chicago White Sox fan. If you’re in another city and either of our teams is playing, you root for them no matter which one it is. It’s an unwritten rule, but a rule nonetheless! There are some crossover fans, but for the most part they make apologies for their loyalty (i.e. “Yes, I know I live in Lincoln Square, but I love the Sox! I can’t help it!”)

Arguably when you go to a game, some of the most fun seats to sit in are the rooftop seats. These are bleachers that are not actually in Wrigley Field, but on the rooftops of the buildings around Wrigley Field. Admission is often cheaper and you get a bird’s eye view from above. It’s a lot of fun!

Chicago Cubs Rooftop Tickets Discount: If you have been looking for a way to experience the Rooftop seats yourself, this is a great option! Groupon is running a deal where you can get Chicago Cubs Rooftop Tickets (with unlimited food and refreshments) for $69 during a variety of dates. If you’ve never done it before, this will allow you to experience Chicago in a whole new way.

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