Six Flags Great America Chicago Discount!

Six Flags Great America Chicago DiscountSix Flags Great America Chicago Discount

It’s summer and that means that it’s time to plan your trip to Six Flags! Six Flags Great America is the largest amusement park in the Chicagoland area and is located on the right-hand side of the expressway in Gurnee as you drive up from the city. Seeing the American Eagle peak over the tops of the trees is always my favorite site when getting to Great America. It means you’re about to have a blast! As an adult, though, it’s become just as important to get a Six Flags Great America Chicago discount before visiting.

There are several ways to get a discount at Six Flags in the Chicagoland area at the moment. I will update this list as new options become available, but start here:

  1. Purchase your tickets on the Six Flags website – Buy purchasing your tickets online rather than at the gate, you’ll be saving up to $20 per ticket!
  2. Use codes from specially marked Coca-Cola product cans – Once you have a code, visit the special Six Flags Coca-Cola section to redeem that code. At the moment it appears that you will get the same discount as you would on the regular online purchase ($20 off), but this could change over the course of the summer.

2014 pricing is as follows:

General Admission $64.99
Children Under 48″ $44.99
Children 2 & Under FREE

Make sure that when you visit the park, you use a Six Flags Great America discount. For family of four, you are looking at an entrance fee of over $200, so $80 off that purchase is huge! Also consider bringing along a backpack full of snacks and refillable water bottles to cut down on your food purchases. Six Flags is a fantastic way to spend a day out with the family, but doing it on a budget never hurt anyone!

Have you found another Six Flags Great America Chicago discount? Please leave a comment and I’ll update the list!

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