Honest Theatre: Spike Heels Walking Uphill In Chicago!

Honest Theatre: Spike Heels ReviewHonest Theatre: Spike Heels Review

Honest Theatre: Spike Heels Review – Live theater is something that anyone should be able to access at any time, regardless of their financial situation. This is the sentiment behind the brand new Honest Theatre Company.

“It is our hope that you enjoy our art and help us spread the word in your community. It is our sincerest desire to provide great art for all people, not just those who can afford it.” – Sean Cowan, Honest Theatre Company Artistic Director

Chicago has a wealth of great theatre, but because budget can be an issue, this is a company to consider following. Attend a show and donate what you can towards tickets, but no tickets will be out of your price range.

Honest Theatre: Spike Heels ReviewSpike Heels is the funny and intriguing debut production by the Honest Theatre Company (playing at Northwestern University’s Mussetter-Strubel Theater through June 15th) Directed by Kelly Levander and starring Zachary Bortot, Kelly Helgeson, Whitney Rappana and Britain Willcock, this show takes one through the complicated relationships in which we find ourselves every day. At first glace the audience is met with four very basic stereotypes: the quiet and well-educated bookworm, the prudish and uppity rich girl, the shallow floosy and the slimy lawyer. Over the course of the 2 1/2-hour production, each character develops into someone you feel for and want to know more about. They are real people that you’ve seen in passing or know well, but it takes each character revealing their truth to help them (and you as the audience) relate. Spike Heels starts off a bit slow, but picks up just like the book that you discover you can’t put down.

Honest Theatre: Spike Heels Review – Spike Heels is playing at the Northwestern University’s Mussetter-Strubel Theater through 6/15. Tickets can be purchased at the box office for whatever amount you can afford. Northwestern University’s Mussetter-Strubel Theater is located at 1949 Campus Dr. in Evanston.

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