Museum Of Science And Industry Free Days 2014!

Museum of Science and Industry free daysMuseum of Science And Industry Free Days

I was born and raised in Chicago – as most of you know – and I also attended Chicago Public Schools. When I was in high-school, my friends and I would occasionally skip school, hop on the train and then hop on the bus to go to the Museum Of Science And Industry. Yes, we were those kids. Who needs math class when you can go learn on Museum Of Science And Industry free days! I’m not advocating for skipping school, but my husband and I have had long talks about the fact that if our city-raised children are going to ditch (and we know they will), hopefully they’ll opt for city culture over other options.

Whether you’re going on the up & up or not, you can also visit on the Museum of Science and Industry free days! During the 2014 calendar year, these are the days that are currently listed as free:

May 5
June 1-6
September 8-12, 15-19, 22-26, 29
October 6, 7
November 3
December 8

On Illinois Free Days, Museum Entry is free for all Illinois residents who show valid proof of residency. Omnimax films, Coal Mine and optional U-505 onboard tours and certain temporary exhibits are not included in Museum Entry, and require separate admission.

The Museum of Science and Industry is one of those special locations in Chicago that you can visit over and over and always find something new. There are unique exhibits as well as films and other nooks and crannies that you likely haven’t explored. This is the time to do it! Mark your calendar now with the Museum of Science and Industry free days and enjoy some Chicago culture!

Interested in more free activities that you can do around Chicago? Read about those here.

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