Goodman Theatre’s “Stop. Reset.” Is An Intense Ride

Stop. Reset. Theatre ReviewIf you are a fan of the heart racing, blood pumping thrillers that are available both in movies and in books, I have the play for you! Now in it’s last two weeks, Stop. Reset. will leave you clutching your seat and trying to calm yourself while not even being completely aware as to what you’re anxious about. With an ensemble cast featuring Eugene Lee and Edgar Miguel Sanchez, Stop. Reset. never quite lets you in on the secret until almost the end – and even then you’ll be scratching your head a bit.
Stop. Reset. Theatre ReviewWith a script that features a history vs. future argument, Stop. Reset. is mostly set in the not so far distant future Chicago where snow drifts reach 6-feet, clothing style is slightly different (think pin-striped suits with bright embroidered designs or leather pants to the office) and books are becoming completely archaic. Sounds a little familiar, no? The other setting and details I am purposely leaving from this review so as not to ruin anything for the viewer.
Stop. Reset. Theatre ReviewThe standout for this writer was Edgar Miguel Sanchez. While the audience wasn’t always sure what was happening with his character (information is divulged in bits throughout the show), the energy from him was palpable. Even when not participating in a scene and hovering in a balcony, you found yourself needing to see how he was reacting to what was happening on stage. As the sound, lights and words all built on the constant intensity of the show, Mr. Sanchez’s energy increased that tension tenfold in a way that I don’t think would have been there without him.

Stop. Reset. is an intriguing and thought provoking play that will have you thinking about whether books weigh us down or open us up. Whether the physical body is what we need for true freedom and what you would do to make sure that history – your personal history or general history – is remembered.

Goodman Theatre: Stop. Reset. Chicago ReviewStop. Reset. is playing at The Goodman Theatre through 6/21/15. Tickets can be purchased through the Goodman Theatre box office online or by calling (312) 443-3800. Goodman Theatre is located at 170 North Dearborn in Chicago.

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