Free Brookfield Zoo Admission!

Free Brookfield Zoo AdmissionOne of the places that I most like to visit with my family is Brookfield Zoo. Brookfield Zoo is not technically within the Chicago limits, but it is just shy of the city on the south-west side. That said, it’s very easy to get to by street or various expressways. It is a very clean environment in which you can visit with your family or go walking for exercise. Even better are the Free Brookfield Zoo Admission days! Brookfield Zoo is currently offering free admission on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays from January 2 through February 27 between 10AM-5PM. This is the time to check it out!

It has been extremely cold outside recently, so this may be the way to go and have a little fun, all while keeping a hold on your budget. Plus, the Brookfield Zoo indoor houses are both warm and show amazing displays of both animals as well as educational materials. Make sure to take advantage of your Free Brookfield Zoo Admission days while you can!

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